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14 Useful Medical Tools & Supplies At Home

senior couple and one caregiveer smiling

What you can use to help you and your loved one at home

Hoyer Lifts
Designed to help lift and transfer someone with mobility issues from one area of the house to another, from bed to chair, or vice versa. With this tool, it is possible for someone to continue living at home with help from caregivers with experience and adequate training using Hoyer lifts.

Bedside Commodes
These are portable toilets used and kept near the bed for someone with limited mobility because of old age, injury, or illness. You can move this around for convenience.

Grab bars
You can install these safety tools to help seniors maintain balance when standing up or walking inside the bathroom. This tool is used to avoid slipping and falling from wet floors. The bathroom is the most common place in the house that causes falls and accidents, so it is essential to have one of these at home.

Bed pads and Underpads
These are absorbent pads used on the bed to absorb urine and prevent leaks on surfaces like mattresses from becoming wet or soiled due to incontinence. There are two types of underpads; disposable and washable reusable pads.

Wheeled Shower Chairs
Increase mobility around a bathing environment with the assistance of wheels. They are essential bathing aids for elderly individuals with reduced mobility and disabilities. These bathing aids allow users or their caregivers to undertake hygiene care while maintaining ease and dignity for both parties throughout.

Toilet Seat Riser
You can put this equipment at the top of a toilet bowl to increase its height if you have trouble sitting in seats that are as low as a toilet. Toilet seat risers come in various heights, and most range from 2 to 6 inches. The toilet seat riser comes with hand grips, also called arm support which is beneficial in supporting the upper body strength to sit down safely. However, this tool isn’t designed to support someone’s weight fully and should be used carefully.

Waterproof Mattress / Mattress Pads
These waterproof and washable mattresses and pads are put on the bed for people with urinary incontinence to avoid directly wetting the bed.

Hospital Bed
Although you would typically find these at hospitals and other facilities like skilled nursing, short and long-term rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes, etc., hospital beds are also commonly used or suggested at home for elderly individuals suffering from mobility issues due to old age, someone who just had surgery and needs assistance with mobility, or even someone with dementia to increase safety, comfort, and mobility. Hospital beds can reduce the risk of falls and injuries because of their features, like the bed rails and the adjustable heights.

Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
This is to monitor your blood pressure regularly at home.

Reacher or Grabber
You can pick up items on the floor without bending down or pull items from high shelves without straining yourself with the help of these reach extenders, also referred to as extended reach grabbers. Getting old makes it harder to move around from back pain and arthritis, and your ability to move quickly gets a little more restricted. This mechanical tool will help seniors grab things with ease.

Mobility Aids
Walkers, canes, and wheelchairs are some examples that can help seniors with mobility and stability when moving around to prevent accidental falls. Although some seniors refuse to use these, explaining to them the safety of using these tools can prevent them from injuries and hospitalizations.

Medication Organizer
It is easier to manage your medication daily with a medication organizer if you have trouble remembering your daily morning, noon, evening, and before-bedtime medications.

Stair Lift
This is a mechanical device for safely lifting people who have disabilities or restricted mobility going up and down the stairs. This can be added to stairs which have sufficient space for mounting the rails to the tread of the stairs, and the chair or lifting platform is attached to the rail.

Standing Aid
This is a useful assistive device that supports a person’s weight for standing up when they have balance issues, lost the strength to stand up independently, or someone who has limited or reduced mobility for other reasons.

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